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your guide to starting solids with baby

Discover how to start and when to start to ensure that your baby establishes healthy eating habits right from the beginning. Learn about baby-led weaning and spoon-feeding so you can choose a method that feels best for you. Baby Knows Best includes a 4-part video series and 4-part eBook series.

your guide to a healthy pregnancy

In The Glow is a 6-part series created specifically to nourish your pregnancy from conception to labor, while supporting the health & development of your growing baby. This guide reveals exactly what to eat, what to avoid, and how to properly supplement. With recipes and remedies to provide both mom & baby with optimal nutrition.

your guide to allergies, sensitivities & eczema

Trying to figure out what to feed your children is often difficult, but add allergies or sensitivities to the mix and mealtime becomes even more challenging. Whether you’re starting solids with baby or your child is having adverse reactions to foods, this guide provides everything you need to navigate allergenic foods with confidence.

your guide to a fully nourished life 

Without a strong foundation in place, nothing else really matters. Oh Baby Essentials provides you with that necessary foundation and clearly explains the essential components of being fully nourished. This unique series will enable you to make empowered choices that will leave you feeing satisfied, instead of deprived.

oh baby ebooks


your guide to relieving constipation in babies & toddlers

Little bodies go through many changes after starting solids and constipation is often one of the most common concerns. Smooth Moves Baby provides numerous gentle, yet effective remedies and techniques proven to naturally relieve and prevent constipation in your baby or toddler.


oh baby freebies

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5 misleading signs

Starting solids can be one of the most fun & rewarding experiences with your baby. However, it's important to wait until your little one is truly ready to take this step. This free download will help you avoid the 5 most misleading signs that may cause you to start solids too soon.


newborn necessities 

This free download lists absolutely everything you’ll need for the arrival of your little one. It includes my top non-toxic product recommendations for sleeping, clothing, diapering, traveling, and breast/bottle-feeding, As well as must-haves for the newly postpartum mother. Perfect for helping you build your registry!