How To Live In Sync With Your Menstrual Cycle: Intro


Just like the lunar cycle, there are 4 different phases of the menstrual cycle. Changing hormones in each phase can heavily influence your mood, emotions, energy, food cravings & more. Many modern women expect a consistent level of productivity and performance from themselves day after day, without being conscientious of their body's natural fluctuations. You have the ability to live much more harmoniously when you start living in sync with your menstrual cycle, and begin working with the ebbs & flows instead of against them. 

In a recent interview, I was asked what I was passionate about. The first answer that came to mind, "anything that comes out of a vagina". Well, babies (obviously) but I also think it's really important to discuss the other things that are often considered more private… like menstrual blood and cervical mucous (sometimes referred to as 'discharge'). These things can tell you so much about your body and your health. But there's a lot of misconception surrounding these topics because they're not often talked about openly. Most women don't know how to read their cycles, or that normal monthly cervical mucous reveals incredibly insightful cues about your fertility.

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When it comes to your reproductive health, knowledge is power. I want all menstruating people to know that there is a largely untapped power that can be harnessed by familiarizing yourself with the cyclical rhythms of your body.

I'm forever fascinated with the menstrual cycle and its impact on our everyday lives. I've created this series to help you tune in and harness the power of your own flow.

This series highlights each of the 4 phases and includes:

  • what's happening physically
  • how it feels energetically & emotionally
  • how to nourish or “feed” each phase
  • how it relates to the lunar cycle & seasons
  • how to tune into each phase
  • the best way to move (or rest) your body
  • and (my personal favorite) how to read your signs of fertility to help you achieve or avoid pregnancy

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