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Your Guide To Starting Solids

Introducing solid foods to your little one should be a fun and exciting adventure, but there are often many questions on how and when to take this step. By the time baby is ready for solid food, new parents have already researched so many other things.... strollers, car seats, sleep! This guide will eliminate your doubts and allow you to make an educated decision about the method of food introduction that feels right for you and your family. Whether using baby-led weaning, purees or a combination, understanding how to ‘let baby lead’ is crucial for helping them establish healthy eating habits right from the beginning.


what you get: 4-part video series & 4 eBook guides


"I really can't imagine navigating first foods without the help of this guide. I felt infinitely more informed, prepared & confident." Kara B. 


4-part first foods video series

Over 45 minutes Total

  • Part 1: When to introduce first foods

  • Part 2: Different methods of introduction

  • Part 3: Step-by-step to starting solids

  • Part 4:  What to feed baby

4-part first foods Ebook series 

eBook 1: First foods reference guide

  • The research & knowing when your baby is ready
  • Spoon-feeding purees vs baby-led weaning
  • How to introduce new foods
  • How much food & how often
  • Spoon-feeding with a baby-led approach
  • How to recognize allergies & reduce risk
  • Continued breastfeeding or formula feeding 

eBook 2: First foods to offer 

  • How to serve finger foods: shape, size & texture
  • How to cook & offer: vegetables, fruits, proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats
  • Photo examples of baby-led weaning
  • Safe finger foods: choking, gagging & coughing
  • Shopping list with over 80 recommended foods to try
  • Beverages to offer baby & to avoid

eBook 3: First foods bonus resources

  • Encouraging adventurous eating & avoiding pickiness
  • Which foods to delay, limit & avoid
  • Necessary nutrients & how to get them
  • Guide to food quality, decoding labels
  • Introducing probiotic foods
  • Relieving constipation & more

eBook 4: Recipes, meal plans, shopping lists & more!

  • Meal plan for 6-7 months
  • Meal plan for 7-9 months
  • Meal plan for 9-12 months 
  • A variety of recipes: including iron rich foods, probiotic foods, constipation relieving foods and more! 

Baby Knows Best: Your Guide To Starting Solids


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"Everett has officially been on solids for three weeks now, and the whole process has been so much fun. But it took time, work and help to get to this place of ease. 

Baby Knows Best is exactly what I was looking for! It addressed all of my concerns and really helped us to make a research-based decision about what would best suit our family. Beyond that, it is filled with so many delicious recipes and nutrient dense food ideas!

All of that to say, if any of you are struggling with starting solids too, I can't recommend this guide enough. It helped to make something I had so much anxiety about much less stressful. What an adventure this is all turning out to be."

Emma H.


more testimonials

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"Hi Carley, just wanted to drop you a note. I purchased your Baby knows best a few days ago and just inhaled all the videos and ebooks tonight. So much wisdom and goodness in there and literally went straight into the kitchen to incorporate some new learnings. This should be mandatory for all new parents. Love love love. Thank you for your wisdom." @fraukeryan

"Baby Knows Best is absolutely fantastic! As a first time mom, I was nervous about what to feed my baby for the first time and this program solved all my questions and concerns. Carley outlines everything beautifully - giving you exactly what you need to know when it comes to first foods and optimal nutrition for baby. Best of all, Carley lays everything out in a simple, easy to follow manner. I highly recommend it for both new and experienced moms". 
Leesa H. 


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"Mamas, this is an amazing program. I feel like I have a decent knowledge of holistic eating, but this left a huge impact. There were a lot of key things covered that I know have not only shifted what Leo eats, but the way he eats as well. Really great and couldn't recommend it enough."

Alexis T.

"What I loved: Super easy to read. Relatable. Beautiful to look at. Her voice is wonderful and soothing on the video. The 40-minute video explains SO SO much and so well done. An amazing place for ANYONE to start regardless of your food knowledge, beliefs, etc. She makes you feel like you are simply evolving your baby, and not shaming you for whatever you may have previously believed.
Bottom Line: If you are pregnant, want to have babies, have a small baby who will soon be thinking of solids, you need this guide in your life. Purchase it, download it, save it and thank me later."
Whitney B. 

"It was reassuring to have a guide to turn to in regards to feeding my first born. Before the program I felt a little unsure of how to start his journey with solid food. I felt more confident and prepared after going through the program. Excellent value, very empowering, highly recommended."

"We have used Carley's methods to help guide, assist and inspire the choices we make for our daughter around food and nutrition. Carley's approach is easy, accessible and reassuring (the best type of education) and not remotely overwhelming. We (my husband, daughter and I) enthusiastically recommend her programs for those who are interested in expert guidance in holistic health and nutrition for their little ones (and themselves) as I genuinely feel that as a result of implementing her techniques and recipes into our daily routines, we have encouraged and maintained a very healthy relationship to food!" 

Lisa G.

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"For introducing solids, I recommend Baby Knows Best. I had no plan and purchased this when baby was just about 6 months old. Carley has great advice and now baby is happily tasting all sorts of foods."

Sarah G.


"As a new mama, I questioned everything I did and making decisions has been overwhelming. I am so grateful to Carley- thanks to Baby Knows Best, I knew I could feel confident in my approach to feeding my babe and it continues to be so much fun for us. Thank you!!"
Paulina C.

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"Oh WOW!!!! Thank you thank you THANK YOU. I LOVED the videos and think they're done incredibly well, so CONGRATULATIONS! It is fabulous. I will be sure to recommend it to other mothers that I have in my circle of friends and acquaintances."
Nadia L.