As parents, we’re always monitoring our babies for clues about their well-being. Little bodies go through many changes after starting solids and bowel patterns can be unpredictable.

Constipation is often one of the most common concerns, yet the standard solutions (like your mom’s 30 year old tricks or trusty suggestions from Google) generally fail to identify and solve the true underlying cause. Even solutions from your doctor typically just treat the symptoms only.

Smooth Moves Baby provides numerous gentle, yet effective remedies and techniques proven to naturally relieve constipation in your little one. This eBook will ease your worries and help you uncover the root cause of the issue. This way, you can prevent it from becoming an ongoing concern and put an end to their constipation for good.



Smooth Moves Baby Includes:

  • what’s normal, what’s not  

  • identifying constipation & possible causes

  • foods to include & foods to avoid

  • proven natural remedies for constipation

  • the real deal with fiber

  • ways to nourish your baby’s gut health

  • which remedies & medications to avoid

  • healthy recipes to relieve constipation

Smooth Moves Baby

For babies & toddlers, 6 months +

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