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the essentials

for a fully nourished life

When working with women one-on-one, I always make sure they know the essentials first. Because no matter what your health goals are, a strong foundation needs to be in place before going any further.

Oh Baby Essentials is that necessary foundation, and so much more.

Improving the way you eat can be challenging if your primary focus is restricting and eliminating certain foods. This mindset can quickly leave you feeling deprived, which makes any real and lasting change impossible to maintain. Oh Baby Essentials shows you how to stop focusing on restricting so you can begin nourishing with ease.

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"I thought I knew a lot about nutrition already, but Oh Baby Essentials uses a unique approach that gave me a whole new perspective. It's provided me with a personalized plan and has helped me find a healthy balance that works for my life." Kelsey Ellis

6-part audio series


In this audio series I reveal the exact strategies that I share with my private clients when working with them for the first time. This indispensable information has enabled many women to successfully find a personalized approach to the way they eat. I’ve been fine-tuning these strategies for over a decade and have witnessed the powerful changes they create in people's lives.

Listen to these 6, easy to follow segments when you're making dinner, doing laundry, or even while you're driving. These are the essential components that will help you live a fully nourished life.

2 ebooks: the essentials guide & the food guide

the food guide

There's no one-size-fits-all approach to eating because everyone requires different foods to thrive.

This eBook will help you discover exactly which nutrient-dense foods will allow you to feel your personal best. Rather than a long list of 'foods to avoid', it offers a unique approach that emphasizes healthy alternatives & nutritious swaps. This enables you to make informed choices that will leave you feeling empowered and satisfied, instead of deprived. 


the essentials guide

This eBook combines the most highly effective and proven strategies for living a fully nourished life, featuring...

  • a nutrient-dense, 3 day meal plan / techniques for meal planning & prepping

  • how & why to eat in balance / adopting an approach to mindful eating

  • decoding labels / understanding food quality / the role of macronutrients

  • supplement recommendations (including specific food & supplement suggestions for plant-based diets)

  • identifying food sensitivities / optimizing mood & energy through food

7 Day Nutrition Challenge

It's often hard to know where to start and what to focus on. Plus, attempting to make a variety of changes all at once can feel overwhelming. The essentials 7 day nutrition challenge guides you step-by-step through mindfully building a foundation of healthy habits - one at a time.

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how it works...

Each day of the challenge highlights one essential healthy habit to begin incorporating. All you have to do is simply implement the daily habit and keep it up until the end of the challenge. In 7 days you will have easily adopted 7 new powerful habits. This motivational challenge is brimming with different recipes and support to nourish your body and help you reach your health goals. 

meal planning templates, shopping lists & Pocket Pals

Your bonuses


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   useful templates

  • Use these blank templates to create weekly meal plans with ease. Also includes shopping lists to keep you inspired & organized.

   pocket pals

  • Handy resources designed to be saved on your phone so you can quickly reference them while shopping at the grocery store.

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"This isn't a generic diet plan. Oh Baby Essentials guides you through discovering how to feel your personal best. This series serves as a wonderful catalyst for change while honoring that we all have specific nutritional needs. It offers actionable and obtainable steps that you can choose to take or not, depending on your own specific requirements." Emma Silva

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