welcome to baby knows best: 2nd edition

Baby knows Best has been updated! You can access the 3rd edition here.

4-part first foods video series

No need to take notes, the essential information from these videos are highlighted in ebook 1: "Reference Guide".


part 1: when to start

part 2: different methods of introducing solids

part 3: how to get started

part 4: healthy foods for baby

4-part first foods eBook series

These guides are updated regularly. I recommend viewing them here on the members page rather than downloading them to ensure you're always accessing the most current versions available.


baby knows best: eBook 1

First foods reference guide

  • developmental signs of readiness

  • continued breastfeeding

  • how often?

  • getting started checklist

  • baby-led purees

  • is your self-fed baby eating enough?

  • the importance of iron

  • food allergies


baby knows best: eBook 2

First foods to offer

  • finger foods: how to serve

  • examples of shape & size

  • shopping list suggestions

  • foods to delay

  • foods to limit

  • beverages for baby


baby knows best: eBook 3

Meal plans & recipes

  • meal plan & notes for 6-7 months

  • meal plan & notes for 7-9 months

  • meal plan & notes for 9-12 months

  • recipes


baby knows best: eBook 4

First foods bonus resources

  • probiotic foods for baby

  • naturally relieving constipation

  • benefits of bone broth

  • leafy greens for baby

  • plant based protein sources

  • guide to food quality

  • soaking/souring grains & legumes

supplement & product recommendations


I share my personal favorite products for starting solids with your baby. These are the items we use in our own house, including the bowls, spoons, bibs, high chairs, and non-toxic food storage.


Ideally our babies would get everything they need through mama's milk or their food. However, sometimes babies require supplementation to meet their nutritional needs. Just like food, quality matters!

have questions?

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Do you have additional questions about the unique nutritional needs of your baby?

I offer follow-up question/answer consultations for those who have purchased Baby Knows Best and are looking for additional guidance. These sessions take place over the phone or online.