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Trying to figure out what to feed your children is often difficult, but add allergies or sensitivities to the mix and mealtime can become even more challenging. Feeding the Sensitive Child offers the guidance you need to navigate allergenic foods with confidence. If you’re just starting solids, you’ll learn the safest, most research-based ways to introduce the top allergens in your baby’s diet. If you’ve already started solids and suspect your child is having an adverse reaction to certain foods, this guide offers you supportive strategies that provide proven relief.

What’s included…

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eBook 1: All About Food Allergies, Sensitivities, Intolerances & Eczema

There are times when continued exposure to allergenic foods is beneficial for building tolerance. Other times it's necessary to avoid foods that have caused a reaction. The appropriate method to choose depends on a multitude of factors, and this guide will help you determine exactly what to do.

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this eBook includes

  • Why are allergies on the rise?

  • Why food sensitivities commonly go undiagnosed

  • Symptoms to look for

  • What to do if baby has a reaction

  • Is there a cure?

  • Supporting digestion and healing a ‘leaky gut’

  • The root cause of eczema

  • Why topical creams aren’t the solution

eBook 2: Introduction Timeline

Research shows that when and how you introduce certain foods can significantly impact your child’s risk of developing allergies. This guide helps simplify the process by providing clear, age-based timelines indicating the ideal window for your baby’s initial exposure. It also includes the recommended quantities, quality, and food preparation methods of the top allergenic foods.  


learn how to strategically introduce

hen’s eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish, soy, cow’s milk & dairy, gluten & wheat, honey, as well as other common food allergies, food sensitivities, and high histamine foods.

Plus a Bonus Testing Chart

for introducing highly allergenic foods

Keep track of your baby’s introduction to the top allergenic foods. Use this chart to help you monitor for symptoms and more easily determine if they have a food allergy or sensitivity.


eBook 3: Supportive Healing Protocols

for food sensitivities & eczema

Parents are often led to believe that food sensitivities & eczema are something their child simply has to live with, and will hopefully one day outgrow. However, they both require proper attention and can successfully be resolved with the right support. Unfortunately, the typical approaches used to manage these conditions fail to identify the true underlying cause.

This supportive protocol addresses the root cause to help your child recover and heal holistically from food sensitivities and eczema. Using these proven strategies can provide your little one with the much needed relief they so desperately need.


Rebalance by building and diversifying the microbiome.

Repair by strengthening digestion and supporting the immune system.

Remove by identifying food sensitivities and environmental triggers.

Replenish by optimizing nutrient absorption and nourishing the body.

Plus a bonus substitute chart

for common allergenic foods

Don’t let food restrictions limit you in the kitchen. This guide promotes creative cooking and offers handy substitute suggestions for the top allergenic foods.

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“Carley’s guidance was a tremendous help when our daughter Luna was suffering from reflux, constipation, eczema and constant diaper rashes. Her knowledge is vast and the protocol for Luna was clear, concise and easy to implement. We were so grateful that Luna’s problems subsided with Carley’s help. Not only was Carley a great resource, she’s also encouraging and very supportive. I would highly recommend her guide to any other parents.“

Leah P.

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“Such a long, hard journey but my son’s digestive issues have resolved completely and his skin rash gone for good! Tummy and skin are healed! Thank you for making this possible and being such a huge part of the success!”

Randi W.