What We Ate: Thanksgiving Dinner Roasted On An Open Fire

We spent Thanksgiving at our off-the-grid cabin, a few hours north of Whistler, Canada. It’s such a magical place to be this time of year. The air is crisp, but still mild and the trees are bursting with colour. Friends of ours built a cabin on nearby property and hosted an outdoor Thanksgiving feast, roasted over an open fire. 

A tarp to block the light mist of rain.
Wildflowers collected to top the long, table that was freshly milled on-site for the occasion.
Staying warm by the campfire, waiting for dinner to cook.
A simple and delicious dinner, all roasted over the fire: organic, free-range turkey, asparagus, brussels sprouts & potatoes. 
Home-brewed hibiscus kombucha and a wood fire bathtub for the little ones after dinner.