What We Ate: Camping

It can be challenging to stay committed to healthy eating when you're out of your daily routine. My family travels often, so I've had some practice and this series "What We Ate" was created to share some of the ways I've managed to keep us eating well when we're away from home.

Before we had our babe, my husband and I often hiked and camped in the alpine backcountry. Even though they're convenient, I'm not a fan of the prepackaged camping meals, highly processed and full of preservatives. On those trips everything has to be as light and compact as possible, so I'd spend days dehydrating and preparing our food. The meals were wonderful, but I always missed fresh foods. Now that we have our son we mostly go car camping, so we're able to bring along coolers filled with fresh foods. Keeping meals and snacks simple is key, and a little pre-planning goes a long way when camping.

Our Campsite, Vancouver Island


Foraging wild blackberries on our campsite + homemade almond milk recipe = chia seed pudding recipe
Green smoothie with peaches & pecans has been my favourite combo this summer recipe. I pre-made these at home and froze them. Bringing the smoothies frozen helped to keep the rest of the food in the cooler cold, and they were perfectly thawed and slushy when we were ready to have them.


Foraging wild blueberries on site, pairing them with walnuts. Crunchy carrots from our garden. Wild salmon that my husband caught, filleted, seasoned & smoked for us (he's a keeper!). 
Staying hydrated in the summer heat. 


Roasted parsnips & veggies that I pre-made at home. Cooking pasture-raised chicken wings in our make-shift kitchen. Fresh greens, eggs & fruit.