Frequently Asked Questions 

> When is the next opportunity to become certified?

Our next certification courses will be offered again in September 2019. We will begin accepting applications in June. Sign up to be notified!

> How is the course material delivered?

Oh Baby Academy is 100% online and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Each weekly module will contain a mix of video lessons, required reading material, assignments, client resources to familiarize yourself with, supportive interaction with our exclusive online community, and quizzes to help you excel in your area of expertise. Once you've completed the required content for that week's module, new content will be released the following Monday morning.

> What if I have questions about the content?

There are a few different ways to get support with questions. Each weekly module includes a discussion board to ask questions. All questions submitted here will either be answered directly on the discussion board, or during the monthly live group Q & A with Carley. There will be unlimited access to the recording after the live Q & A. Our private Facebook group is another great way to get support from peers and ask Carley and the community questions.

> Can I work through the curriculum at a faster pace and get certified more quickly?

While these courses are self-paced, there is a lot of information to absorb. New content is released weekly, so you won’t be able to complete the certification faster than the timelines indicated. However, you can take longer to complete certification if more time is needed. This makes the Academy ideal for busy women like mothers or those who already have full-time jobs.

> What does the curriculum cover?

Students will receive a more detailed outline of the course curriculum once they've enrolled. However, as a general overview, the curricilum includes:

Pregnancy Nutrition: important foods & nutrients to nourish each trimester, proven protocols for common pregnancy conditions & ailments, navigating the conventionally recommended things to avoid during pregnancy, nutritionally supporting labor, and supplementing. Also includes Foundational Nutrition & Business Development.

Postpartum Nutrition: helping the body heal after birth, important foods & nutrients, proven protocols for common postpartum conditions & ailments, nutritionally supporting breastfeeding, and supplementing. Also includes Foundational Nutrition & Business Development.

Nutrition for Babies: starting solids, important foods & nutrients, baby-led weaning, spoon-feeding with a baby-led approach, food allergies & sensitivities, proven protocols for common baby conditions & ailments. Also includes Foundational Nutrition & Business Development.

> What are the career possibilities for a Certified Nutrition Consultant?

There is such a need for nutrition consultants who specialize in nourishing mamas & babies! We’ll explore career possibilities in the Business Development course. Becoming certified through Oh Baby Academy also offers you opportunities to make supplemental income and you’ll get more details about these exclusive opportunities after you’ve enrolled.

> What if I have no previous nutrition education?

Oh Baby Academy provides you with everything you require and no prior nutrition education is necessary. All students are given ample support to ensure they have the confidence and knowledge necessary to build a successful career as a Certified Nutrition Consultant.

> Do I have to take Foundational Nutrition if I’m already a nutritionist or dietitian?

Joining the Academy is a fantastic way to become specialized, offer more value to your clients, and grow your business and brand. Completing Foundational Nutrition is a necessary requirement for all students as it provides the framework for becoming a Certified Nutrition Consultant. However, the large majority of the course content will focus specifically on nutrition for supporting mothers and/or babies.

> Do I have to take Business Development if already have a business?

Business Development is offered to all students but it is not a requirement of the certification. After you’ve passed your final exam, the Business Development module will be released for you to go through at your own pace if you choose. Some students may want to dive into the business content right away, while others may want to take a little break and let all of their newfound knowledge sink in first. Even if you already have a business, we’re confident that these resources will benefit you.

> How is the certification regulated?

Once you’ve worked through all of the course material, completed the assignments and client trials, and passed the quizzes and exams, graduates of Oh Baby Academy will be granted the designation 'Certified Nutrition Consultant'.

All holistic nutrition professionals and independent educational nutritional institutions across North America are self-regulating bodies. Therefore, there are no government certifying bodies or regulations boards in North America that license or certify holistic practitioners or nutritionists. Our business module provides resources to assist you in determining the the specific regulations and requirements of practicing within your own state/province.

Oh Baby Academy strongly believes in holistic nutrition that prioritizes real foods and is rooted in both modern research and traditional wisdom. We are proudly the only educational nutritional institute that currently specializes solely in the certification of holistic nutrition for pregnancy, postpartum and babies.

The designation ‘Certified Nutrition Consultant’ signifies a high level of specialized expertise in a holistic practitioner. As a professional regulating body, Oh Baby Academy ensures that our certified practitioners adhere to a certain code of ethics, scope of practice, and principles, which are standardized and recognized internationally.

> How do the payment plans work?

If you sign up for our monthly payment plan, the initial payment is deducted on the day you register. The remaining payments will be deducted every 30 days. There is a 5% discount when paying in full.

> Is there a return policy?

You are eligible for a full refund from the day you enroll in the program, until the start date. If you decide to withdraw for any reason whatsoever after that time, partial refunds may be offered pro rata, depending on how much of the course content you have already accessed.

> I want to apply! What are the next steps?

Wonderful news! Please sign up to be notifed and we will let you know when we begin accepting applications in June.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

It’s important to make sure that this certification is the right fit for you.