If you’re ready for change, I can help you. 

Bioindividuality refers to the highly specific nutritional needs that each person requires to thrive. There is never a one-size-fits-all solution. With the vast array of contributing factors to consider, your path to personal wellness will be as unique as you are.

I work with the Bioindividual Nutrition Assessment, which is a precise methodology that detects any nutritional deficiencies and imbalances within your body. This comprehensive assessment analyzes 65 categories and helps me helps me to determine what's right for you and you alone. By pairing this with my distinct nutrition philosophy, I can help you cultivate powerful changes in your health. 

There's no better way to ensure you're getting the essential nutrients necessary to enhance fertility, deeply nourish your pregnancy, or replenish your body after having a baby.


What you get...

A one-on-one consultation

  • An in depth wellness review of your current health, lifestyle, health history, habits and roadblocks.
  • A thorough review and explanation of your Bioindividual Nutrition Assessment and custom personal protocol. 
  • Clear and actionable steps outlining exactly how to accomplish your health goals or heal from specific health complications. 
  • Support with general health or specific concerns, such as (but not limited to): managing gestational diabetes, PCOS, endometriosis, or nutritional guidance for IVF.

your Well woman package also includes...


>  A personal protocol: your action plan

> Bioindividual Nutrition Assessment

Oh Baby Essentials audio & eBook series

>  Free bonus recipes, guides & resources

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A personal protocol

  • A clear blueprint tailored to your unique biochemistry, enabling you to take action and maintain momentum.
  • Over 20+ pages of personalized recommendations, including nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle.
  • Which nutrients are essential to balance your body, including vitamins, minerals, herbs & more. With recommended sources, quantities, and real food alternatives.

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Bioindividual Nutrition Assessment

    • A detailed analysis of your symptomatology assessment with results listed in priority sequence, highlighting which areas are of immediate concern and which require further monitoring. 
    • A color graph visually identifying specific imbalances or nutritional weaknesses in 65 categories including: vitamins, minerals, proteins, hydration, essential fatty acids, organ/body system weakness, and hormonal/endocrine imbalances.

    OBE booklet.png

    Online membership to Oh Baby Essentials

    Available March 15th. 

    • Well Woman clients receive unlimited online membership to the Oh Baby Essentials audio series.
    • Oh Baby Essentials clearly lays out the most nutrient-dense foods that will allow you to feel your best. It's a unique approach that provides you with a personalized plan and helps you find a healthy balance that suits your life. 

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    Free bonus recipes, guides & resources

    • Several useful bonus resources picked just for you to offer inspiration and help you reach your goals.
    • Can include topics such as: easy and nutritious snacks, or healthy choices when eating out. 


    Welcome to Wellness intro package

    What's included:

    • A one-on-one consultation
    • A personal protocol: your action plan
    • Oh Baby Essentials audio series
    • Free bonus recipes, guides & resources
    • (Does not include Bioindividual Assessment.)

    The complete Well woman Package

    What's included:

    • PLUS: Bioindividual Nutrition Assessment
    • A one-on-one consultation
    • A personal protocol: your action plan
    • Oh Baby Essentials audio series
    • Free bonus recipes, guides & resources
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