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 photos by  Jenzel Velo  for  Mother Muse Mag . 

photos by Jenzel Velo for Mother Muse Mag


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Welcome to Oh Baby Nutrition. I’m Carley Mendes, a Holistic Nutritionist and mother of two.

Having my own children solidified my devotion to supporting other women as they navigate their journey through motherhood. As an advocate for women’s reproductive health, I specialize in naturally nourishing fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, and babies.

I become a Holistic Nutritionist in 2007, graduating from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. I continually strive to deepen my expertise with further education and the most current science-based research available. I'm dedicated to empowering women by helping them nourish their bodies, balance their hormones, and find their fullest expression of health during their childbearing years. Through the Oh Baby Nutrition guides and one-on-one consulting, I provide the knowledge and tools necessary to help women and their babies thrive during this incredibly important stage in their lives.


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